Sustainability overview

Sovereign Foods is focused on and fully committed to sustainability throughout every aspect of our operation. We lead the industry in sustainable practices and remain committed to making continual improvements that reduce our environmental impact.


Bird Welfare

The welfare of our birds is paramount at Sovereign Foods. Our employees are trained to strictly adhere to industry standards and follow the Bird Welfare and Handling code of Conduct. This ensures that our livestock thrives in the best conditions possible.


Sustainable Technology

As industry leaders driven by innovation, we are equipped with cutting-edge farming and processing technology that is designed and chosen with sustainability in mind. Our world-class facilities achieve sustainability through maximum efficiency.



Reducing consumption and raising energy efficiency are integral parts of our operation. Our facilities have consistently achieved a NORSA 5-star rating after their annual independent audits. And in-line with our forward-thinking approach, we are exploring the use of solar energy to power parts of our business.


Waste Responsibility

Responsible waste disposal is an essential component for a sustainable operation, and in that regard, Sovereign Foods is a shining example for the industry. We recycle all dry waste, and have implemented water recycling measures wherever feasible.



Our stringent protocols ensure that all testing standards are met in order to produce products of consistently high quality. Our facilities offer unrivaled efficiency and hygiene, and undergo daily and weekly tests to maintain our outstanding safety record. All of our products are fully traceable for added assurance.